Week 16 – Kindness, What a Rush!


During the second week of the 13-week Benjamin Franklin Virtues experience, our task has been to perform at last 3-5 conscious acts of kindness per day, hopefully one or two of them anonymously. We keep track of the kindness acts but also post them on a discussion board in our Alliance group.

It’s gratifying and exciting to observe personally and in the group the breadth and depth of kindnesses that are occurring.

This is sort of like one of those RAS (Reticular Activating System) where you begin to notice in your world that which you’re paying attention to. Sometimes it happens when you learn something new and then notice all over the place. In this case what’s happening is that as we consciously perform acts of kindness we are sensitized to similarly motivated acts by others in our day to day living.

Nice. It clearly pays to be giving person. Even if no one notices, you immediately feel better yourself.

I had the honor of having someone observe me doing something nice for someone at a public meeting and then come over later to talk about it. While she’s not in our Master Key Mastermind Alliance group, she’s a very giving person herself and likely because of that she notices it in others.

Don’t want this one to go away. So I’m not going to let it.


Week 15 – The Highest Form of Architecture

OK, just started the week off and already on fire!

This week’s reading from Charles F. Haanel’s The Master Key System in the 26-week Master Key Mastermind Alliance is Lesson 15.

For those reading this blog not in the MKMMA (yet), the deal is that along with other meaningful growth exercises and readings, each week we read a new chapter from Haanel’s 24 chapter book. We read the chapter each day and then have an assigned meditation-like task (from the reading) that takes 15-20 minutes a day. For me, this meditation, aka “The Sit”, has become a high point of my day, but that’s another topic.

The reason I’m on fire is that I’ve always been a word-focused guy and Lesson 15 is all about the absolute power of words as tangible representatives of thoughts.

Does that sound oh-so obvious to you? Or maybe a big so-what? Well, if you live in a world where you believe that thoughts are things and what you think controls (not just influences but controls) your world and your life, then it follows that words have amazing power.

This sentence, which so blew me away I stopped my reading to put it on a card and later posted to Facebook, sums it up.

“Accuracy in building words and sentences is the highest form of architecture in civilization and is a passport to success.”

So, dipping back down into my own personal vernacular, “How frickin’ cool is that?”

I am so loving this Master Key Mastermind Alliance course that Marge and I are in. It is changing our lives.


Week 14 – How Far?

To paraphrase from the fabulous film What the Bleep Do We Know!?, exactly “How far do you want to go down the rabbit hole?”

rabbit hole

That’s kinda how I’m feeling about this week’s reading in The Master Key System.

In this powerful reading of Lesson 14, the focus and the weekly “sit”, or meditation, is on the harmony between our own thought and individual mind and Universal Mind.

While the daily requirement for the “sit” is 15-20 minutes, I’ve increased that as a regular thing to 26 minutes and this week, with this lesson, I find I’m doubling up; when my timer alarm goes off I immediately click the restart and go off again.

The pure enormity and the concomitant infinitesimal nature of this contemplation is all absorbing, for me anyway. When I think about it, it’s like the dual nature of the term “quantum” which, depending on context,  means either the tiniest particle or enormous and significant.

My experience of this topic for meditation is wonderful, in that I find it compelling and enjoyable. However, I’m also just slightly aware that I could go very far and very deep and maybe not be inclined to come back.

Freaky, huh? And it’s not the case that I really think I’d get lost, mentally, but rather that the power and wonder of this focus could be so appealing that other experience could pale.

I guess a parallel description of my experience of Lesson 14’s meditation would be the choices of seeing light, walking into light, or being light. One of my mentors often says, “Be the light, hold the lamp for others to see.” In this case I’m maybe taking it a bit too literally?


Has anyone else had a similar experience with this meditation or with another focus?

Week 13 – Do You See What I See?

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas and one of the highlights was inviting a young couple for brunch. As we were cleaning, decorating, and preparing the question came up about what to do with our DMPs, our movie posters, and our shapes and colors sheets, which are basically plastered all over the house.

For 3 or 4 seconds we considered taking everything down but quickly decided to leave them up.  We figured if they asked we’d be happy to share what we’re doing with the MKMMA.

As it turned out, one of the first things they both noticed was our two movie posters, which are taped to cabinet doors in the kitchen, next to the oven.

2014-12-26 15.30.04When asked we told them they were our dream boards and we all spent some time talking about the individual elements on our two boards. While they’re in their mid 20s, both members of the couple knew about dream boards and they were both enthusiastic.

We knew that our young friends weren’t typical “river of dreams” follower types, in their careers and their personal lives they’ve each shown independence and strength. We also knew they were “into” personal development – but we never suspected that the MKMMA and personal development books, trainings, and living ones’ dreams would be the major topic the whole time they were here.

Very glad we left it all up. The experience only strengthened our resolve and also helped our guests.

Week 12 – I May Not Know a Lot, But I Sure Know My DMP – One sentence version anyway

What a hoot! We had an absolute celebration during the 50 minutes of reading our one sentence DMPs on Sunday. Great technique and a super way to burn in what we really want.

Marvelous Marge and I are both in the MKMMA so we had to split up for the readings. Or at least we did at first, LOL.

I took my one sentence DMP into the guest bathroom to read it to myself and Marge went into the master bath.

I was stumbling a bit a first, but as I improved in the readings (and remembering) about the time I had the card down pretty cold to memory I began to get a bit feisty. I’m not big on standing, sitting, staying in one place for long anyway, so I started touring the house.

Part of our set up is we have mirrors in every room but our offices. So I moved from the mirror in the foyer to the mirror in the dining room to the mirror in the great room back to the guest bath and then I went into the master bedroom where we have two giant mirrors, one on the wall and another on the floor, leaning against the wall.

The only place left to go was the master bath where Marge was still reading away, so I traipsed in there and starting reciting my DMP next to her (wide mirror) and she cracked up. Both of us were laughing and she left to go somewhere else and for the next 20-30 minutes we each wandered around the house, from mirror to mirror.

It was way fun and after a bit Marge started singing her DMP.  Our dog Happy was following first one then the other and was quite confused. At first I think she liked the action but then found it boring when it wasn’t resulting in us all going for a walk or a car ride so she tried to grab my hand for a few minutes but then went to a safe spot in the middle of the great room and plopped down in a circle to wait us out.

So now I for sure know my one sentence DMP, and Mark is right, I really don’t need to read the whole thing actually because it all fills right in. When I was walking Happy early this morning (like 5am, it was still dark) I said the DMP out loud maybe a dozen times  – I didn’t yell it cuz in case there was someone else in the oval park we go to I didn’t want to scare them.

My plan is to spend 10 minutes a day either in front of one mirror or going from mirror to mirror reciting my DMP. As I’m getting the cadence right, I find I’m able to put more and more emotion into it and the whole thing is stronger than ever.

Week 11 – My One Sentence DMP Card

Bruce's one sentence DMP card

So can you tell this card is taped to my steering wheel? Even if the airbag deploys it won’t cause a problem.

I’m really liking my one sentence DMP. I printed it, along with my PPNs, “I am whole, perfect, etc.” statement, and “I always keep my promises” as well as a scanned image of my signature.

My handwriting is bad, and it hurts to write much. Yeah, I’m a baby.

But his way I can have loads of copies of this card around and even on my steering wheel.


Life starts from within