Week 1 – Smouldering Giant

My anticipation built during the two weeks prior to the MKMMA starting. I continued with my busy everyday life, which already stretches me spiritually, physically, and at times intellectually and emotionally. I’m entirely grateful for my life to date and today, but my excitement about the potential for the future is huge!

My wife Marge and I prepared the materials for the MKMMA prior to the first session and were ready. I was a bit concerned about time because of a prior commitment the same day but we were efficient and both of us were on station and ready at the start time.

During the first session, I truly enjoyed the repartee between the principles and, as I mentioned in my survey response immediately after the session, I experienced the rough edges as authenticity.

My excitement grew during the call and during the Q&A, to which we stayed logged in, I started writing my DMP. It came easily to me which wasn’t entirely a surprise as we’ve been focused on personal development since the 70s and also because after a financial faceplant in the real estate crash we’ve been working hard to get right and to blast forward to our potential and mutual purpose.

I’m looking forward to further crafting and refining my DMP. I already feel empowered.

I’m not surprised that I dreamt about the MKMMA. I’ve always tried in the past few years to be very careful of my thoughts and input during the last half hour or so before sleep and the specific readings of the Blueprint, Scroll I, and my DMP draft as the very last thing set me up for powerful dreams.

Up early this morning, as usual, I’m already going through the materials once again and looking forward to the day. I recorded Scroll I, and the Blueprint, and my DMP and I’m going to listen to them AND Davene’s recording of Chapter 1 of The Master Key System while my dog Happy and I go for our early morning 5K+ walk.

Look out world!


3 thoughts on “Week 1 – Smouldering Giant”

  1. I have to applaud your strength in the face of losing out financially during the crash. I was still too young to have even felt much of a change during that period..but I can only imagine. Gaining strength and motivation during a period of chaos is what makes a winner…a winner! Going above and beyond, having the right mindset and attitude. Thinking about your coming successes instead of your past troubles! Nothing to it!


  2. You remind me of a saying of my mother: “Your strength will be proportional to your courage!” I am so pleased for you. šŸ™‚


  3. I love your enthusiasm, Bruce! You dove right in at the beginning and I know you’ll keep it up all the way through.

    You started writing your DMP during the discussion part of the webinar? I am impressed!! I was clear on my purpose and what I want to do — but I’ve had to get a LOT more specific, and add money values and dates. I can definitely learn from you!



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