Week 2 of the MKMMA – Gathering Forces

OK, so please stick with me here while I extend a metaphor and bend some rules of grammar and composition.

I’ve begun to wade in to the waters of the Master Key Mastermind Alliance. So far the water’s fine and I’m liking the feel of it all. Not really sure I’m understanding everything that’s happening in the course, in my mind, in my heart, or in my soul with this gradual immersion, but I’m feeling comfortable and safe.

The reason I embarked on this journey into the waters of my life is a sense that it’s time. I’ve learned and own the concepts that people can be extremely powerful in groups and individually. I’ve figured out (finally) that being smart and hard work are not “what it’s all about”. I’m clear on my values, my beliefs, and especially on my passions and purpose.

I know what I want, both what I want to be doing to make a difference and what I want in the more material and comfort senses.

What I need, and am looking for in myself with the help of the leaders, concepts, and fellow-MKMMAers on this journey is the way to get it done, big time. Looking for techniques, practical constructs, big splashes of discipline and focus, and a statement and vision of the destination ever more strong and clear so the journey will be not just its own reward, but a force of its own that pulls me and others toward fulfillment and success.

This is all kinda vague, I realize. Not set out to be that way, but did want to stick with the major forces at work here for me.


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