Week 2 – It’s Too Late Now! (Thank goodness)


I just read a blog post from another participant in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance and I was reminded vividly of my experience in 1997 riding The Big Shot at the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas. As we were being buckled in and the seat bars pulled down getting ready for the ride, I was certain the attendants were hurrying too fast and my seat bar was faulty.

The Big Shot is like a reverse bungie jump, facing out and starting 921 feet above street level on the Vegas Strip. The view is incredible, but knowing you’re about to be shot an additional 160 feet in the air straight up is a defining moment. At least it was for me. I knew on one level that it was likely just fine and I’d get a big rush but no harm (which was as it turned out), but at the same time, it was pretty scary and if they’d offered a second chance I might have opted out – likely not because one of my best friends was watching (he didn’t even consider strapping in for this one).

So clearly I’m not sure how this MKMMA is all going to turn out, and in truth I have no sense of danger for getting on the ride. The excited anticipation, however, is strong. Wooohoooo!


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