Week 2 – “NO THOUGHT”. . . it works for me during the ‘Sit’


I’ve found something that helps me clear my mind during meditation or, in this case, during the ‘Sit’ exercises of The Master Key System. In brief, what I do, once I get settled and calmed down (see below), I continuously repeat silently and visualize the words “NO THOUGHT” in all caps. I think it and visualize it ‘louder’ so no other thoughts or images can creep in.

This technique works for me a few seconds at at time, which for me is pretty good, because otherwise I go from one random thought to another or even sometimes fall asleep.

I have another couple tips I’d like to share about having a successful ‘Sit’.

First, If I’m aiming for a 15 minute long session, I set my timer for 16 or 17 minutes. I found before that I’d take a bit of time settling and then little thoughts would creep in about whether I needed to restart or whatever . . .  this way, I have plenty of time during the first little bit to settle my body and let my arms and legs find a comfortable position.

Second, I focus on breathing. As soon as I’m settled I pay attention first to my breathing to make sure that I’m doing diaphragmatic breathing (you know, from your stomach rather than chest), and I pay attention to each breath for a while – usually 6-10 breaths. This helps to calm me down even more and also to breath correctly.*

I was trying to use my breathing as an aid to clearing my mind, trying to capture a few moments of empty clarity (oooh, I like that, thanks for ’empty clarity’, Subbie) at the instant of change between inhale and exhale. This doesn’t work as well for me as the NO THOUGHT technique, tho’ it works better than just sitting trying not to think.

Basically, I guess for me the trick that works best right now to clear my mind is to focus on something with no real content repeatedly and continuously to keep other stuff out. Guarding my ‘gate’ of consciousness from any intruders.

Even if it’s for just a few seconds, for me it’s a wonderful time worth seeking.



3 thoughts on “Week 2 – “NO THOUGHT”. . . it works for me during the ‘Sit’”

  1. Thanks for the great tips! I also set my timer for 17 minutes to account for time to get comfortable. I think it really helps to find something to focus on as opposed to Not Thinking. 🙂


  2. No doubt that “No Thought ” time has always been a problem for me. My brain is like the Energizer Bunny..just keeps on ticking….and ticking. I like your tips and will have to try them.


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