Week 2 – Guardian Training (A Breakthrough Understanding!)

So I just finished today’s ‘Sit’ in the MKMMA process which is fast becoming my life process, i.e. I’m incorporating parts of the MKMMA into my life. Is that how it’s working for you, fellow MKMMA’ers??

Anyway, during this morning’s reading of Chapter Two of the Master Key System it occurred to me that an important facet of our transformation during this time will be to become better guardians of our own subconscious minds. While our subconscious is one with and part of the greater Universal Mind, our conscious is by itself, and has some tasks to perform, skills to master as we learn how to use the unlimited power of our subconscious system.

We must learn to be ever-better guardians of our own gates to our subconscious. Through practice during meditations, we call them “Sits”, we’re on a gradual course to control our conscious mind with two major purposes. The greater purpose is to implant in our subconscious those messages of need or desire that we chose. In order for this process to be effective and efficient, however, the somewhat lesser purpose must also be fulfilled, and that is to train our conscious minds to be impenetrable guardians of the subconscious.

I’m guessing that the skill of being an effective guardian, like playing the piano, speaking a second language, or driving a car is one that will transfer to the subconscious in time.

So what am I talking about?

How’s this? For many of us (all?), keeping negative or distracting thoughts out of our minds is tough, and requires that we apply concerted, continuous effort to do so. As we practice doing it, however – that is, practice banishing negative thoughts – we get better and better and better and it becomes easier to do and requires less conscious effort to the point that, BINGO, it’s part of our subconscious tool set!!! How freaking cool will THAT be???

WoooHooo! Bring It On!

Back to Guardian Training!!!!


4 thoughts on “Week 2 – Guardian Training (A Breakthrough Understanding!)”

  1. Hi Bruce, I enjoy your thoughts. I have been told by another, wiser than me, that concentrating on getting rid of thoughts, keeps the thought. It is easier to acknowledge the thought and immediately replace it with a more appropriate one. Maybe this can be of benefit?


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