Week 2 – It’s All About Belief

As this second week of the MKMMA comes to a close, and in grateful, excited anticipation of what’s to come in Week 3, I want to spend more time talking about belief. [I’m not sure about others’ experience, but I find that while writing blog posts I’m able to bring together and get more clarity on thoughts and ideas.]

The first day in the MKMMA I read Lesson 2 in The Master Key System, which I start on Mondays, so it was last Monday, I wrote at the bottom of the first page, “It’s all about belief!”.

I kept thinking about that and talking about belief with people I met IRL during the week. For example, during the day Monday I had coffee with someone who was telling me about a new challenge, and I asked her, “Do you believe you will succeed?”. And it stopped her cold. And she thought about it a bit and then we talked about belief being the prime necessity … otherwise all learning, time, efforts, thinking, and talking about her challenge goals would be less effective and possibly wasted.

My thinking on this is that beliefs are embedded in the subconscious and that they are the strongest internal expression and representation of our thoughts. One thing I think is pretty cool, and actually practical and efficient is that we can “gut check” our beliefs quickly and accurately. It doesn’t count if someone is just giving lip service to something, as in, “Oh yeah, man, I believe that, I am all about that!” I’m talking about stone serious consideration without ego-pretense or checklist agreement.

So with belief all things are possible, and as we get better at training our conscious minds to guard our thoughts and filter what we present to our subconscious, we will not only heighten our chances of success with other tools but we will also strengthen our beliefs.

Henry Ford said something like, “If you think you can, you’re right. If you think you can’t, you’re right.” So unless we truly belief we can reach the heights, attain the successes, make the differences in our lives and the lives of others, then we don’t stand much of a chance.

But there is an however to this, and here comes the tricky part.

Belief is not binary. It really isn’t the case that you believe or you don’t believe. I think (choosing that word carefully) that while we can not believe something 100%, it’s harder if not impossible to believe in something 100%. What priest, minister, rabbi, or Imam never questions his or her faith? One who never questions I think would be suspect – either of faking it or of being so superficial as not to be of much help to others. Belief is not like a magic potion where you say the right words, spin around, and no matter what, Boom! whatever the spelled called for pops into existence. Belief is actually more powerful than magic, but it entails sincerity and honesty, and the stronger it is, the more it has been tested. Like the steel in a fine Samurai sword that is burnt, beaten, and folded many times to achieve its extraordinary strength, I think that belief and faith are stronger when questioned.

Another piece of this is the concept of hubris, and in this case hubris is freeing, for since we cannot have perfect belief or faith, it’s OK to recognize that our belief may not be absolute but that it can still be strong enough that we can truly think, say, feel, and believe, that we do indeed believe. And if at times we find ourselves questioning our belief a bit, that’s OK, we just go back to our lessons, back to our discipline, back to whatever it was that strengthened our belief in the first place.

So, in sum (and I find myself wondering if anyone else has even read this far and if so if it makes sense and resonates), what we need to reach our goals in life is to absolutely believe that we can and at the same time recognize that we will falter a little and that’s OK, too, as long as we are diligent guardians and stick with the work, not just the work required to reach our goals, but also the necessary ongoing work to shore up our belief.

So, does this make sense? Does it work for you?




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