Week 3 – Homing In – DMP dates and emotions

So progress. I’m finding big leaps each week with my DMP.

Here’s my latest:
DMP – Bruce Brown
My PPNs are Liberty and Helping Others

I am the guy with a big smile and an open heart and I vibrate with highly charged positive energy. I am a humble role model of overall fitness and health on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes for my generation and for those to follow. I am thrilled to be making a significant positive difference, helping 100,000s of people around the world find success with their health, fitness, and lifestyle goals on or before December 31, 2016. As the leader of a vast and still fast-growing, international team of 5,000+ Team Beachbody Coaches by the end of 2016, I am totally pumped to have a continuous opportunity to inspire others to live fulfilling, healthy lives. I shake like a happy puppy when I’m able to inspire, teach, coach, consult, and entertain people about health, fitness, and the wonderful path of entrepreneurial independence.

I am delighted to spend time every week talking with people in coffee shops and in small groups. By December 2017 at least once a month I address large groups of 1000s to inspire and motivate them to their own lives of success and fulfillment. I am a recognized and appreciated member of many communities worldwide, which gives me even greater access to meet and help others. We particularly enjoy taking six to eight short cruises each year to meet new people we can expose to the possibilities of healthy, fulfilled lifestyles.

We are tri-located in comfortable homes in North Carolina, Maine, and Connecticut by June 2018. We totally own spacious, bohemian style homes in Maine by 2017 and in North Carolina by 2018 and a modern style pied-à-terre in Connecticut by 2019. I excitedly travel with my wonderful wife Marge and our enthusiastic dog Happy, throughout the Americas, Australia and New Zealand, and Europe and the U.K.

When we travel we do so in luxury, comfort, and safety flying first class or in our spacious Land Cruiser. We travel often, up and down the U.S. east coast every couple months, around the U.S. twice a year, and internationally twice a year as well, plus we take two luxurious vacations each year. We spend much of our time with family and friends around the world, laughing, loving, and enjoying the outdoors and all the bounty of this generous universe.


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