Week 3 – Hear ME Roar!

As I’m doing the Week 3 meditations/Sits for the MasterKeyMasterMindAlliance I’m getting an ever-greater sense of the absolute need for emotional power in this transformational journey on which our large group has embarked.

The concepts in play are really pretty simple. Plug tab C into slot S and fit both into corner L.

Or, put another way, decide what you want in your conscious mind, inform your subconscious frequently and get ready for the pathways to appear in your life. Easy, right?

But wait! That’s not enough. It’s not just “I want a red Mustang.”

Not happenin’ that way. Gotta have passion and power. Thought pictures and emotion and sensory input.

“I’m planted in the Recaro seat of my supercharged Mustang, sliding through turns, slamming the shifter down a catch a lower gear, and nailing the pedal to the floor as the tires fight for traction and the engine roars along with the high-pitched spin of the supercharger reaching near scream-levels. My eyes are stuck full open with the rush of endorphins dumping into my bloodstream as I get airborne with the slightest bump in the road and I throw my head back in a laughing roar as I greet the fast-approaching horizon.”

Something like that.

red pinstripe ford mustang shelby gt500_www.wall321.com_19



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