Week 4 – Like Dice in a Shaker

Wow is my head going round and round!

I came into this experience hoping to be more in touch with my heart and less “head-driven”.

“I want to strengthen my intuitive powers,” has been a desire I’ve been fostering for at least a couple years. After a childhood and early to middle adulthood being influenced that intelligence and hard work were what mattered, I’d come to see my mind and my will as almost an adversary, keeping me from making decisions, playing the safe role, pitting my superego and my ego against my purpose and my desires.

And now the tide is turned. Now the key concept is to use my conscious mind as a “watchman at the gate” but still in charge.

Ya see, it’s kind of reversed for me because I was working at getting better at sensing what was coming FROM from my subconscious, and my spirit, rather than focusing on using my mind to control what went TO my subconscious.

“But wait!”, you might say. “We covered that ground in weeks one and two. How’d you miss that?”

And my answer is, “I dunno.”

I came into this experience absolutely sure of my beliefs, my values, and my passions – and those have not changed. (Phew!)

However, as I work on yet another iteration of my DMP, at the same time getting deeper into the guts of The Master Key System plus the repetition and lesson from Og Mandino, I’m finding myself questioning if I’ve yet focused on my true Prime Personal Needs for the next five years. I love what I do, the company, people, products, all of that good stuff, but I wonder if my lens through which I’m looking at all of ‘this’ is adjusted correctly or if I need to re-focus.

Bottom line, this is heavy stuff. Good stuff, indeed, but very heavy.

I’m loving it.


5 thoughts on “Week 4 – Like Dice in a Shaker”

  1. Hi Bruce, I’ve experienced some similar concerns. I don’t necessarily feel that I’m all caught up mentally on the material just because I’ve kept up with the readings. Some stuff from past weeks is just really starting to click now. I guess that’s part of the process – just know that’s it’s in there and it’s working!


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