Week 5 – Oh-oh. And Wow!!

When I commented on a blog post by Brittany (http://brittanykmasterkey.wordpress.com/2014/10/28/week-3-resistance/) earlier this morning, I realized what I was writing was more about me. It felt to me that our experiences were somewhat similar, but I know for sure Brittany’s post help me clarify some of my own thinking.

Here’s what I wrote:
“I am totally on the same (behavior/thinking) page you expressed in this post. I’ve always been a strong starter . . . you know how the rest goes.

I’ve decided, in my head anyway, that THIS time, I’m going to consciously decide to not just stick with it, but amp it up and see/feel/live the difference. So fortunately, that’s in essence what this whole experience is about, making conscious decisions that can change our lives.

So much going on in my life right now. We’re traveling, distracted by kids, dogs, new places and spaces, deadlines, schedules, wanting to enjoy a vacation/visit/helping out our son’s family-type trip, and I have let the keeping-up-with-the-shapes-and-colors thing slip and have gotten loose about the readings, doing maybe 1.5 instead of 3 a day.

But yeah, I started this MKMMA journey knowing the fall season with at least two big trips and 6 holidays would fall in the time frame, all for a reason – I WANT MY LIFE TO CHANGE, and if I “want it to be” I now have the key, I must “will it to be”.”

So that’s my thinking and where I am about all this, and I experienced Brittany’s to mean we’re in about the same place.

Thank you for sharing, Brittany. Your post helped me. You truly gave something to this guy today.


8 thoughts on “Week 5 – Oh-oh. And Wow!!”

  1. I have always been a fast starter and my subby finds it perfectly fine not to finish. The changes we are all going through are so very necessary for me as I am in a spot in my life where I cannot fail.. If I follow what we are being given.. I cannot fail. What a concept 🙂
    I am what I will to be! Peace to you!


  2. Bruce I too am a strong starter and my old bp has been trying to rear its head up this week but thanks for the reminder to amp it up and continue on stronger.


  3. Bruce your honesty in this post and in relating to Brittany’s blog post within your own post speaks volumes to me. We have have success or we can have excuses, but we cannot have both….goes right along with our MKMMA journey, don’t ya think? At times all of it is very appropriate in my world. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Wow, Bruce. I have no words right now. Thank you for writing this, honesty in this journey is going to be huge on the path to change. I truly hope you make the decision everyday to keep going. We are in this together 🙂


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