Week 6 – Lights! Camera! Action!

OK, so I’m digging the movie metaphor, never let it stop.

lights camera action

Something about the dream board exercise (the movie poster) also lit me up!

It’s like my DMP, which is still a work in progress with my guide and which I like, suddenly has taken on wings (oops, mixed metaphor). Anyway, I’ve been making a list of elements to put on the movie poster – so far I’m up to 43! Oh-oh, that could end up being a hot mess! (Wait, is that an opinion? LOL). Anyway, I feel like someone put a road flare, um, in my ear, and now I’m even more charged than I was before – and before I felt like a white, hot light! (Getting back to the main, stage and film lighting world.)

So we’re out of color ink and I was gonna run out today and stock up (and buy a couple compasses) but decided to hold off till tomorrow and in the mean time I’m adding to my list.

So here’s the weird thing (to me, anyway). I’ve done dream/vision boards before. I even published a short book about it. But for some reason, maybe because of the emotional charging that’s been going on, I feel more inspired than ever and also I feel a sense of awe and power. Oh-oh, something strong could be coming from this.

Can’t wait to get my movie poster, even a first draft, and get it up here. Woohoo!


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