Week 6 – Back to the Drawing, um, Dreaming Board

So I’m loving the graphic element of creating dream boards. I pulled the categories from my DMP and went for specifics. Found and downloaded images of those specifics, cropped, resized, and fit them all into one 8.5×11 page on Publisher and put it together.

And then I had a couple of big ‘Uh-Oh’s!

Here’s the page from Publisher, can you see my issues? (My PPNs are Liberty and Helping Others.)

Movie Poster for full sheet

Problem #1. There’s a whole lot of stuff on there, evidence and specifics of the three neighborhoods in which I want to have homes, the fleet of vehicles I’d like to own, and the places I’d like to visit regularly. That’s all about Liberty, but there’s nothing here about Helping Others. Hmmm. So is that because I just haven’t thought of the right graphics? I don’t think that’s it (not letting myself of the hook that easily) because I know I didn’t give it any thought – I just started on my wish list.

Does this mean I’m really just all about acquisition and ME! ME! ME!? Nah, I don’t think that’s right, or fair. I know and can feel through all layers that I’m passionate about helping others be successful, and as a health and lifestyle coach that’s what I work on all the time and I get truly turned on by others’ progress.

So that element needs more thought.

Problem #2. Visually this is a hot mess, in my after-the-fact crictical eyes. It’s a junior high school collage at best. The stuff is fine, but there’s no compelling, story-telling flow, it lacks emphasis (everything is equal), and there’s no room for the shapes and colors we’re using (correction, lol, I’m trying to figure out how to use) with the MKMMA. Also, the charge was not to fit everything onto an 8.5×11 sheet, but rather to more likely create the dream board on poster board and then take photos to resize for single sheet printing and for index card size printing as well.

Clearly this guy’s got work to do.

And now’s the time to do it!


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