Week 6 – Roll ‘Em! Finally Got ‘er Done!

So today I focused on getting a ‘real’ movie poster completed, after a critical look at my previously posted wishlist of ‘stuff’ I want.

I added photos and graphic elements for both my PPNs (Liberty and Helping Others) as well as the shapes and colors with SMART goals.

Took some time, but I had fun, and I like the results. The original is hung on a kitchen cabinet door where I took a photo and then sized it for letter size paper and index cards. Only printing one of each at this point because I want to live with it overnight to be sure I’m cool with the outcome.

But it feels right.

Bruce's Movie Poster 1 for letter size


3 thoughts on “Week 6 – Roll ‘Em! Finally Got ‘er Done!”

  1. Hi Bruce! I love your poster! I think it is awesome that you want such an abundant and prosperous life, as you achieve you inspire others and that is one of the most helpful things you can do for a person. Cheers!


    1. Thanks, Brittany. In truth it’s all quite scalable. I’m grateful and full of appreciation now. My wife/best friend/biz partner Marge’s poster features Legacy which is also major for us both (but greater for her). So I guess by even writing this I’m reflecting some mixed feelings about wanting so much, but in bald truth, Marge and I are so co-dependent I know I think of us having FOUR top PPNs, and they balance each other. If you haven’t seen it, I’d love your reaction to my press release. Cheers, Bruce


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