Week 7 – More and More

OK, so something funny is going on. There’s more to do with the MKMMA but I find it’s taking less time. A little self-doubt, that perhaps I’m rushing through, but overall my experience of this experience and process is that it’s becoming more ingrained, more the way I live and breathe.

I know I’m not dreaming as much now about MKMMA and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Also, I’m still taking a couple of medications for a lingering cold and I think those are interfering a bit. Thankfully the last vestiges of this cold seem to be nearing the exit. Grateful for health.

I’ve broken the rule about not telling people about the 7 Day Mental Diet. Turns out a LOT of folks have heard about it. There are public domain versions available all over so I’ve been sharing or pointing people to those. Have gotten into some constructive conversations about positivity and attitude. Good stuff.

In truth I’m also feeling a bit flattened emotionally right now, but I suspect that may be due to my departing cold. I’ve cut my exercise back a bunch (not completely) but am looking forward to boosting that again, which always charges me up.
Got signed off by my Guide so good to go on that score.


2 thoughts on “Week 7 – More and More”

  1. Hi Bruce! I too have found that it is not quite as overwhelming as it used to be, that must mean we are making good progress 🙂


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