Week 8 – No TV. Um, yah.


OK, so this is the week. No TV for seven days. At first Marge (my wife, also in the MKMMA) and I said, “Nah, that’s not us, we only watch about an hour each night, mostly just The Voice, Project Runway, and Masterpiece Theatre.”

But as we thought about it some more, especially after hearing some of the discussion in the mastermind session after the webinar we decided to give it a go. So starting today, Monday, we’re done for the week (does it count that we’re DVRing The Voice?, LOL). Anyway, Marge finished up something she was watching on Masterpiece Theatre and we’re done for the week.

I know already we’ll have no problems at all filling the time.


7 thoughts on “Week 8 – No TV. Um, yah.”

  1. I really reduced my tv time since starting this course. I found the no opinion weeks really enforce this decision since watching tv and radio was creating opinions. So I turned them off. My kids are all in with this week. Today is their first snow day home from school. We shall see if they can find innovative ways to preoccupy themselves.

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  2. Bruce and Marge! What a great thing to do together!! I bought my first TV when I was 34 years old – what was I thinking!!?? AS kids we were only allowed a single show each week – which we watched as a family! I grew up on a farm and TV didn’t really fit into our schedule or my parents idea of acceptable use of time. I am so grateful for the ability to form my own opinions – LOL
    Let’s go it together!

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  3. I haven’t seen any television in weeks. So that is not a Real Challenge, we simply don’t have a cable coming into thè building yet.
    Once or twice a week I watched a DVD. Guess non this week.
    The atmosphere is completely different. I’ve played some old fashioned games with my 23 year old. He is coming home tomorrow so I will be hearing his hardstyle mixes again.
    I noticed that quite some of those tracks have quite spiritual lyrics.
    My Challenge is not to check news headlines or watch youtubes, as many of them have ads…. great that you are doing this together.
    Keep growing awareness, keep removing the cement.


  4. Like Catherine the MKMMA process has drastically reduced my attraction to TV anyway, this week is a challenge on one hand but a blessing on another. Silence is predominant, exterior ambiance of birds, neigbourhood and weather penetrating the home.

    Last two nights found us sitting on the back verandah (Aussie for porch) eating dinner chatting and listening to critters. TV who needs it?


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