Week 9 – More Passion and Emotion, Gotta Be What I Gotta Be!

OK, gloves are off, sleeves rolled up, chin down, hands up, let’s go for this thing, Future Bruce! You’re my Buddy, not a stranger and I’m sworn and bound to bring you in soonest.

Liked a lot of this week’s Webinar. Appreciate the repetition of basic points, principles, and practices. What rocked me, however, were some salient new points and understandings – new for me, at least.

One was the idea of reading my DMP with my Movie Poster in sight, like close. OK, and yeah, even the order I have stuff on the poster works with my DMP, so that enhanced the experience – a double shot, fully caffeinated. Synergy, Acceleration, Emphasis. Love it.

Another biggie for me was seeing the mechanism behind the curtain. Learning styles, personality types, simultaneous combinations. All good. All strong. All effective and WORKING FOR ME.

Next at bat . . . seeing my DMP as SERVICE. Well, yeah, I mean, my PPNs are Liberty and Helping People, so natch I see the latter as a form of service, but Liberty, too, with the houses, cars, trips and all that . . . OK, I do get it and it adds another seasoning to the powerful mix.

But by far, the between-the-eyes, hugest bit for me was the simple statement about emotion. As in, plans or goals without emotion are just a list. Do I want it faster, stronger, bigger? Gotta ramp up and amp up the feeling in my reads. My subconscious has served up a series of respiratory stuff almost since we started 9 weeks ago and sometimes reading with strong voice hurts and other times my voice cracks and creaks, but I’m getting more times of respiratory clarity as time goes on and this wonderful process continues – could there be a causal relationship?

Future Bruce be like, DO IT NOW! So it’s up to me to blow past the sore throat, the breaking voice, and just let it ROAR so I can bring him in!! Yeah, baby, it’s time.


One thought on “Week 9 – More Passion and Emotion, Gotta Be What I Gotta Be!”

  1. Great post.. Time to drive it all home.. This was a pivotal week for me as well, seems the only thing missing on my end is the enthusiasm as I read and if I look at that too as a service, it will come more natural.. It’s go time.. Best to you!

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