Week 10 – I Am Astounded

So I just retook the Self-Assessment Test. I didn’t look back to the first week nor did I remember my score. The only thing I remembered really was wondering about the question weighing generalized versus specific or expert knowledge. Anyway, I took the test and WOW. I went from a score of 33 originally to 24 this time!


Frankly I’m shocked, and I don’t think of myself as shocking easily as I pretty much let most stuff roll over me, good or bad.

So, yeah, even though I sometimes doubt if I’m “feeling” it enough, and I know I for sure could be more assiduous in getting every task done each day, in the right quantities and so forth, obviously a change has occurred.

I’m not even sure how to take this. Good, yeah, but holy cow, this is a big change. Now maybe my subconscious was more aware of what the answers probably could be to score high, but I wasn’t conscious of it. But wait, that’s the goal anyway, right?

Color me one happy, astounded camper!


11 thoughts on “Week 10 – I Am Astounded”

    1. Thanks, Amber, I appreciate it. Just a few minutes ago I posted about a dramatic (for me) shift that happened to me overnight, I’m pretty sure as a result of yesterday’s webinar as well as some other stuff going on and that I’ve been reading outside the course. Wishing you the best!


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