Week 12 – I May Not Know a Lot, But I Sure Know My DMP – One sentence version anyway

What a hoot! We had an absolute celebration during the 50 minutes of reading our one sentence DMPs on Sunday. Great technique and a super way to burn in what we really want.

Marvelous Marge and I are both in the MKMMA so we had to split up for the readings. Or at least we did at first, LOL.

I took my one sentence DMP into the guest bathroom to read it to myself and Marge went into the master bath.

I was stumbling a bit a first, but as I improved in the readings (and remembering) about the time I had the card down pretty cold to memory I began to get a bit feisty. I’m not big on standing, sitting, staying in one place for long anyway, so I started touring the house.

Part of our set up is we have mirrors in every room but our offices. So I moved from the mirror in the foyer to the mirror in the dining room to the mirror in the great room back to the guest bath and then I went into the master bedroom where we have two giant mirrors, one on the wall and another on the floor, leaning against the wall.

The only place left to go was the master bath where Marge was still reading away, so I traipsed in there and starting reciting my DMP next to her (wide mirror) and she cracked up. Both of us were laughing and she left to go somewhere else and for the next 20-30 minutes we each wandered around the house, from mirror to mirror.

It was way fun and after a bit Marge started singing her DMP.  Our dog Happy was following first one then the other and was quite confused. At first I think she liked the action but then found it boring when it wasn’t resulting in us all going for a walk or a car ride so she tried to grab my hand for a few minutes but then went to a safe spot in the middle of the great room and plopped down in a circle to wait us out.

So now I for sure know my one sentence DMP, and Mark is right, I really don’t need to read the whole thing actually because it all fills right in. When I was walking Happy early this morning (like 5am, it was still dark) I said the DMP out loud maybe a dozen times  – I didn’t yell it cuz in case there was someone else in the oval park we go to I didn’t want to scare them.

My plan is to spend 10 minutes a day either in front of one mirror or going from mirror to mirror reciting my DMP. As I’m getting the cadence right, I find I’m able to put more and more emotion into it and the whole thing is stronger than ever.


8 thoughts on “Week 12 – I May Not Know a Lot, But I Sure Know My DMP – One sentence version anyway”

  1. Hi Bruce, I have always enjoyed reading your thoughts. Thanks for sharing. God bless you on your journey. Please read my poems I wrote in my blog Week 11 and give me your thoughts. Thank you.

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  2. SOOO cool!! And what an awesome idea to put mirrors in all your rooms and move around saying them!! So you are not just seeing your “future self” in the bathroom but every room of your house!!
    I think I need to buy me some new mirrors!!
    Blessings to you and the Marvelous Marge!!

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    1. It may be kinda counter productive, but I like to have mirrors and clocks in every room. Just a thing with me, really more about decoration and style more than utility – but now I’m thinking also about adding a compass of some sort to each room as well, as another kind of reminder. Thanks, Amber.


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