Week 13 – Do You See What I See?

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas and one of the highlights was inviting a young couple for brunch. As we were cleaning, decorating, and preparing the question came up about what to do with our DMPs, our movie posters, and our shapes and colors sheets, which are basically plastered all over the house.

For 3 or 4 seconds we considered taking everything down but quickly decided to leave them up.  We figured if they asked we’d be happy to share what we’re doing with the MKMMA.

As it turned out, one of the first things they both noticed was our two movie posters, which are taped to cabinet doors in the kitchen, next to the oven.

2014-12-26 15.30.04When asked we told them they were our dream boards and we all spent some time talking about the individual elements on our two boards. While they’re in their mid 20s, both members of the couple knew about dream boards and they were both enthusiastic.

We knew that our young friends weren’t typical “river of dreams” follower types, in their careers and their personal lives they’ve each shown independence and strength. We also knew they were “into” personal development – but we never suspected that the MKMMA and personal development books, trainings, and living ones’ dreams would be the major topic the whole time they were here.

Very glad we left it all up. The experience only strengthened our resolve and also helped our guests.


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