Week 14 – How Far?

To paraphrase from the fabulous film What the Bleep Do We Know!?, exactly “How far do you want to go down the rabbit hole?”

rabbit hole

That’s kinda how I’m feeling about this week’s reading in The Master Key System.

In this powerful reading of Lesson 14, the focus and the weekly “sit”, or meditation, is on the harmony between our own thought and individual mind and Universal Mind.

While the daily requirement for the “sit” is 15-20 minutes, I’ve increased that as a regular thing to 26 minutes and this week, with this lesson, I find I’m doubling up; when my timer alarm goes off I immediately click the restart and go off again.

The pure enormity and the concomitant infinitesimal nature of this contemplation is all absorbing, for me anyway. When I think about it, it’s like the dual nature of the term “quantum” which, depending on context,  means either the tiniest particle or enormous and significant.

My experience of this topic for meditation is wonderful, in that I find it compelling and enjoyable. However, I’m also just slightly aware that I could go very far and very deep and maybe not be inclined to come back.

Freaky, huh? And it’s not the case that I really think I’d get lost, mentally, but rather that the power and wonder of this focus could be so appealing that other experience could pale.

I guess a parallel description of my experience of Lesson 14’s meditation would be the choices of seeing light, walking into light, or being light. One of my mentors often says, “Be the light, hold the lamp for others to see.” In this case I’m maybe taking it a bit too literally?


Has anyone else had a similar experience with this meditation or with another focus?


5 thoughts on “Week 14 – How Far?”

  1. Bruce,
    Your analogy is wonderful, getting deeper and deeper is a true description of being in perfect harmony. Why would one want to come back from that?! Your description of seeing, walking into and being light for others to see is only allowing you to shine brighter 🙂

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  2. It’s amazing when you get to see deeper and deeper insights, isn’t it! And as long as your desire is to help others to see it too, I doubt if you’ll ever get lost to the point of no return. 😉

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