Week 15 – The Highest Form of Architecture

OK, just started the week off and already on fire!

This week’s reading from Charles F. Haanel’s The Master Key System in the 26-week Master Key Mastermind Alliance is Lesson 15.

For those reading this blog not in the MKMMA (yet), the deal is that along with other meaningful growth exercises and readings, each week we read a new chapter from Haanel’s 24 chapter book. We read the chapter each day and then have an assigned meditation-like task (from the reading) that takes 15-20 minutes a day. For me, this meditation, aka “The Sit”, has become a high point of my day, but that’s another topic.

The reason I’m on fire is that I’ve always been a word-focused guy and Lesson 15 is all about the absolute power of words as tangible representatives of thoughts.

Does that sound oh-so obvious to you? Or maybe a big so-what? Well, if you live in a world where you believe that thoughts are things and what you think controls (not just influences but controls) your world and your life, then it follows that words have amazing power.

This sentence, which so blew me away I stopped my reading to put it on a card and later posted to Facebook, sums it up.

“Accuracy in building words and sentences is the highest form of architecture in civilization and is a passport to success.”

So, dipping back down into my own personal vernacular, “How frickin’ cool is that?”

I am so loving this Master Key Mastermind Alliance course that Marge and I are in. It is changing our lives.



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