Week 16 – Kindness, What a Rush!


During the second week of the 13-week Benjamin Franklin Virtues experience, our task has been to perform at last 3-5 conscious acts of kindness per day, hopefully one or two of them anonymously. We keep track of the kindness acts but also post them on a discussion board in our Alliance group.

It’s gratifying and exciting to observe personally and in the group the breadth and depth of kindnesses that are occurring.

This is sort of like one of those RAS (Reticular Activating System) where you begin to notice in your world that which you’re paying attention to. Sometimes it happens when you learn something new and then notice all over the place. In this case what’s happening is that as we consciously perform acts of kindness we are sensitized to similarly motivated acts by others in our day to day living.

Nice. It clearly pays to be giving person. Even if no one notices, you immediately feel better yourself.

I had the honor of having someone observe me doing something nice for someone at a public meeting and then come over later to talk about it. While she’s not in our Master Key Mastermind Alliance group, she’s a very giving person herself and likely because of that she notices it in others.

Don’t want this one to go away. So I’m not going to let it.



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